Musiques – Vidéos

Tibet Spirituel

Come and Dance -Music Video -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala

Mipham – What About Me

The Sacred Path of the Warrior

« Visually & Respectfully Yours » / Tibetan Buddhism

Jonathan Goldman – Tantric Tara – To Invoke The Goddess (Trance Tara)

Beautiful tibetan song  » tara  »

Chögyam Trungpa – Tribute 2011

Comme un arc en ciel

Chogyam Trungpa & Allen Ginsberg, 1978

Crazy Wisdom

His Holiness Karmapa performs the « Go-Ma » sacred Dance

Clips of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

A Tribute to the Dalai Lama

Buddhist Chant – Heart Sutra (Sanskrit)

Sina Vodjani – Hommage to Guru Rimpoche (Karmapa)

The Holy Places

spirit of tashi jong

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Three QBs with a YPA better than7.5 in their last three seasons are currently huge draft bargains.Matt schaub(Yahoo!Adp of129), Philip Rivers(128)And ben roethlisberger(107).Schaub(7.7 YPA since2010)Is the24th qb drafted.The argument is that he’s not going to get a lot of attempts for the texans, given their defensive prowess and running game.But last year, he threw about as much as aaron rodgers. He did go over4,000 yards, too. And he had a500-Yard passing day. 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to endure those rough, two-A-Day practices not so lOng ago. « We used to kill each other in camp, »Said cobb, a linebacker for detroit, philadelphia and dallas from 1979-89. « Buddy worked us so hard that veteran players sometimes wanted to quit right there On the field.It was grueling.We left a lot ofYears On that practice field in training camp.Many of us could’ve played lOnger in the nfl if we didn’t hit that much in camp. « No tackling is new to the eagles, but it’s become normal around the nfl.Teams have been trending toward less physical camps in recentYears, especially after the new collective bargaining agreement limited the number of practices and hitting.The league is being sued by about 4, 200 players who say they suffer from dementia, alzheimer’s disease and other neurological cOnditiOns, which they believe stem from On-Field cOncussiOns.Kelly’s explanatiOn is injury preventiOn, though he’s already lost three players for the seasOn to acl tears in the first two weeks of camp. « WhenYou get guys On the ground, it’s not really the two guys that get tackled, it’s what’s chasing it, »Kelly sAid. « We’re trying to keep everybody in every situatiOn up.If i’m blocking my guy and i’m trying to finish to the whistle, two guys in frOnt of me fell, that’s where the biggest thing occurs.It’s the pileups.Most of the time it’s not the tackle or the tackler, it’s the rest of the guys coming through.You have a lot of big bodies moving.There’s a fine line what we have to get dOne from a work standpoint.We also know we have to get our guys to the game, too. « Reid, who was fired after 14 seasOns in philadelphia, took his opposite approach to kansas city.The chiefs weren’t used to tackling in camp under recent coaches romeo crennel and todd haley. « You have to be a good tackling team, »Reid said. « Normally, good tackling teams end up playing late in theYear — or i guess, early in theYear. « That philosophy didn’t work for reid lastYear when the eagles finished 4-12 and had One of the worst tackling defenses in recent history.But reid’s teams went to the playoffs nine times and he usually had them playing their best football late in the seasOn. « It’s football, soYou’re going to get hit, »Chiefs running back jamaal charles said. « I think we need to get hit as early as possible.We dOn’t need to wait until the last minute to get hit.I think it’s good. « Far more afc teams tackle in camp than in the nfc.The newYork jets, miami, buffalo, pittsburgh, cincinnati, denver and san diego tackle to the ground to some degree whether it’s scrimmages, 9-On-7 drills or goal-Line situations. « You’re not going to keep a guy on defense if he can’t tackle, butYou better find out, »Jets coach rex ryan said.In the nfc, detroit, atlanta, san francisco, green bay and dallas have tackled to the ground on rare occasions such as open scrimmages for fans. « We’ve had a couple of periods where we have gone live tackling, not very many, »Lions coach jim schwartz said. « I 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nashville, tenn.Contributed to this report.___Online:Pro32.Ap/poll___follow rob maaddi on twitter:Twitterm/ap_robmaaddi

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